The 8 Minute Method

Take Control of Your Wellness Lifestyle—in 8 Minutes!

A Proven Plan and SMART Time-Saving Technique
to help you Prepare Anti-Inflammatory Meals
& Practice Daily Movement 

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Overwhelmed with life and too busy to fix healthy meals and exercise daily?

That's the problem, isn't it?

This proven program - The 8 Minute Method -
is your solution!

It is hands-down the most effective way to TAKE CONTROL of your extremely busy schedule so you can come out ahead with your health and lifestyle goals!

You can lose weight, reduce chronic pain, improve mental health, and feel more energetic by using the easy method-recommended techniques. All in 8-minute segments of time.

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Feeling stressed and stuck with poor health because you simply do not have enough time to do it all?

I understand because I was stuck too – with chronic pain, poor health, and a poor diet. I learned how to get healthy without having to exercise to exhaustion and spend hours slaving over a stove and YOU CAN TOO!

  • Learn EVERYTHING you need to know about The 8 Minute Method techniques for preparing food and moving or exercising more consistently!
  • Start preparing dinners in less time so that you can enjoy more time doing the things you love!
  • Practice more movement and exercise daily with time to spare!

I Understand How You Feel & I CAN HELP!

When I was diagnosed with severe degenerative osteoarthritis of the spine in 2015 – a disease for which there is no cure – I could barely walk. I was in pain and incredibly frustrated. Before long I spiraled down emotionally to the point I felt my life was over. Pain is an isolator, and I felt alone and frustrated.

With the help of an Integrative Functional Nutritionist, I got control of my sugar addiction, changed my food plan to focus on anti-inflammatory foods, then began a very simple daily exercise plan.

My pain began to ease significantly!

I lost weight and had far more energy!!

Changing my food routine was  simply learning a new skill, 

Friends who came to my home to visit me in Arizona would revel at how fast my simple FRESH INGREDIENT MEALS were to prepare. 

Losing 25 pounds, gaining more energy, feeling more cheerful, and reducing the chronic pain = PRICELESS!

Let me help you -- ENROLL NOW!

"’s like having my own personal cheerleader!" -- Jenny Peterson

I love working with Shawna because she is so consistently genuine in her work to help people live in a more healthy way. She doesn’t judge and is always supportive and encouraging - it’s like having my own personal cheerleader! My own healthy habits have become much more consistent as a result.

What You Are Getting Inside My 8 Minute Method Course:

The COMPLETE 8 Minute Method is an 8-Module, Step-by-Step Video Training Course that walks you through the smart techniques for making meal preparation timelier and incorporating movement and exercise in your daily life.

24/7 INSTANT and Lifetime Access (including all updates).

★ Complete step-by-step training. Nothing is left out!

★ Clear instruction that is easy to adopt and maintain.


ENROLL in The 8 Minute Method Course Today!

The 8-Minute Method – Course Introduction

- Welcome

- How this can change your life

- The 3 Step Program – ALLOC-8, ACTIV-8, APPRECI-8

Module #1: ALLOC-8 – Plan your day and wellness time

- Learn how to schedule time better

- How to keep a calendar

- Why clean up your work space first

- Grateful and mindful steps

Module #2: ACTIV-8 – the 3 easy steps to activate your best 8 minutes

- Prepare/Plan

- Focus intention

- Activate

Module #3: APPRECI-8 – Own the action and reward yourself

- F.B.I.O. = Fist Bump It Out

- The way to reward

Module #4: 8-Minute Anti-Inflammatory Foods & Food Plan

- What is anti-inflammatory food?

- Whole foods make meals easy

- Ultra-processed foods versus less-processed foods

- Sugar issues

- Coping with triggers

- Health experts and food plans


Module #5: Recipe Prep to Cook

- Eight minutes or less to finished recipe using short cut cooking

- Eight minutes or less to prep crockpot or simmer for slow cooking

Module #6: Food Prep Flavor Tips

- Flavor Enhancement and how to make your food taste better 

- Timely Seasoning Mixes and zesting

- Food storage Tips

Module #7: 8 Minute Movement and Exercise

- Benefits of doing shorter workouts spread throughout the day

- Where to exercise in 8 minutes

- Tips to stay on the exercise plan

- Where to exercise for FREE

Module #8: Next Steps and Resources

- Let's get started with the rest of your life!

- Start your own program 

to ignore The 8 Minute Method!


  • WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT? --- Do you want to lose weight and feel less depressed, but are tired of restrictive trend diets? This plan can lift your mood and jump-start your entire wellness lifestyle!
  • HAVE CHRONIC PAIN? --- Are you able to completely eliminate your chronic pain with medication? Most people can’t. Learn what an anti-inflammatory food plan is and how easy it is to manage. By eating smart and applying added daily movement or exercise, you can often greatly reduce pain levels (with or without medication).
  • IS EATING OUT TOO EXPENSIVE? Do you eat out at fast food restaurants all the time for convenience? It is costing you money and your health. Regular fast-food eating can result in obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Fresh whole food can be prepared easily in under 8 minutes using techniques from The 8 Minute Method.
  • ARE YOU STRESSED? --- Are you stressed with dinner-time drama? Dinner can take up to 2 hours to prepare daily. Find more time for yourself and your family by learning these easy techniques that make your food taste better and take less time to prepare.
  • FEEL LIKE YOU CAN'T GET IT ALL DONE? --- Do you feel like you never have time to exercise? There is an easy technique in this course that will get you over-the-hump and add movement to your life.


Enroll NOW and I will show you how. Make the time with The 8 Minute Method --- YOU CAN FEEL BETTER and bring wellness into your life!


"I've learned so much about taking care of my body and eating a balanced diet to support a healthy (pain-free) lifestyle - I am much better for it!!" -- Lisbeth Goldberg

I have followed Shawna for years. First, I was wowed by her gardening expertise. Then, as she began navigating health challenges and sharing her newfound knowledge regarding inflammation and how to tame it effectively. Inflammation was my issue, too, and I’ve learned so much about taking care of my body and eating a balanced diet to support a healthy (pain free) lifestyle—I am much better for it!

"I cannot thank Shawna enough..." -- Don Venus

Shawna's wealth of knowledge has launched my journey toward healing from Lyme disease and taking control of it. The first time I met her, she opened my eyes as to how to reduce chronic inflammation through anti-inflammatory living. From that day forward my life has turned from pain and despair to hope. I cannot thank Shawna enough for helping me learn a smart plan that has changed my life toward wellness.

“I am almost pain-free and have lost more than 30 pounds..." -- Beatrice Dorsett

Please know that thanks to having had the great fortune to have Shawna Coronado to guide me, I am now almost pain-free. No longer considered diabetic (as long as I eat as she suggests), I am almost 35 pounds lighter and 4 1/2 sizes smaller in pants and skirts. I feel better than I have in decades!


“How much Does the 8 Minute Method Course Cost?”

The mistake many people make is they want to get healthy, but think they just don’t have the time to master a wellness lifestyle.

This course is set up so you can  MASTER your time and energy, get a jump start on a new lifestyle, and gain ways to help yourself and your family stay healthy every day.

Sign up for The 8 Minute Method Masterclass course and you will get my entire course with unlimited lifetime access for just 3 installments (or pay in full and save!).  You can watch it as often as you want from any device. Your course NEVER EXPIRES, and you have access to all the downloadable and printable extras.

Plus, I have a 90-Day, no-questions-asked Money-Back GUARANTEE!

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Your Investment is Fully Backed by a 90-Day 100% Money-Back GUARANTEE!!!!

I want customers to be happy. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the content of this course, simply email my customer service team ([email protected]).
Request a full refund and it is yours WITH NO QUESTIONS ASKED!
Shawna Coronado

ENROLL in The 8 Minute Method Course Today!


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Get The 8 Minute Method NOW!

Shawna has helped that I can live a healthier lifestyle with less pain!" -- Amy Beth

Shawna has been such an encouragement to me!
She is so knowledgeable about living an anti-inflammatory life style. Shawna is a wealth of ideas and suggestions. I might have some more work to do, but Shawna has helped me get my feet under me so that I can live healthier lifestyle with less pain!




3 Installments!

Get The 8 Minute Method NOW!



All at once!

Get The 8 Minute Method NOW!

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